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Any 2 bars of natural, handmade artisan soap

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Our soap is completely natural to soothe and nourish skin while delivering a decadent chemical-free lather. Each bar is handcrafted using aromatic pure essential oils, deeply moisturizing butters, conditioning plant-based oils, natural botanical herbs and spices, and (when applicable) locally sourced beeswax and honey. None of our products contain harsh chemicals, such as sulfates, phthalates, or parabens. Nor do they utilize artificial preservatives, fragrances, or colors.

While our soaps might appear to lather less than many commercial available products, all of our soaps cleanse without stripping away skin's natural oils because we omit harsh chemical additives that promote easy lathering but may irritate skin. The amount of lather produced by the soap bars varies by recipe, yet we assure that your skin will feel silky and smooth. You may even notice an improvement of your skin's texture after a few washes.

As our products are handmade, the weight, color, scent and texture may vary from batch to batch, and they may appear different from those in the photo above. We do test each batch to ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality. If you have any questions concerning our products, please feel free to send us a message or e-mail us at forgetmenotsoaps [at] gmail [dot] com.

The average weight per bar of soap is 4-5 ounces.

Experience supple skin anytime with this luscious blend of natural butters, scented with the heavenly combination of orange and cocoa, that is rich in antioxidants to rejuvenate tired skin.

Just Flowers
Quiet aggravated skin with fragrant buds of lavender while their light, relaxing scent helps to melt away the burdens of a stressful day.

Trois d’ Herbs
Nourish skin with a savory herbal lather comprised of conditioning natural butters and essential oils, along with the refreshing fragrance of rosemary and other herbs.

Honey Bee Mine
Delicious and delightful, you’ll have no problem finding your honey with this velvety blend of milk, honey, and bees wax that leaves skin baby-bottom soft.

Honey, I Do!
Say “yes” to this luxurious soap with honey, bees wax, orange tea, and rich essential oils.

Kiss My Face
Gently cleanse and enrich your face (or wherever you wish) with moisturizing butters and an unscented, creamy lather that leaves skin smooth and revitalized. This soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin!

Lemon Pop
Oooh-la-lah! Zesty lemon lather pampers skin while poppy seeds mildly exfoliate to scrub away your worries.

Awaken your senses with sensual cinnamon. Inherently gritty to scrub away all the grim from a hard day of work while quenching thirsty skin with calming natural plant oils.

Minerals of the Water
A therapeutic lather of seaweed and minerals from seas and lakes deeply cleanses to help skin feel invigorated.

Sweetie Pie
A sweet fragrance to lift spirits while yummy oils and natural, plant-derived butters feed skin protein and amino acids, along vitamins A, D, and E.

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